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Name:Christopher Thorndyke

Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke

Age: 18, but I'm physically stuck at 12. Long story.
Height: 140 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Hometown: Station Square
Family: Nelson Thorndyke (father), Lindsey Thorndyke (mother), Charles Thorndyke (grandfather), Sam Speed (uncle, mother's side)
Series: Sonic X

The Basics

Background: The only child of Nelson and Lindsey Thorndyke, Chris spent most of his childhood in the care of his grandfather, Chuck, the family maid, Ella and the family butler, Tanaka, as both his parents were away frequently due to their professions. Because of this, Chris has feelings of abandonment and loneliness.

Until one day, a certain blue hedgehog landed in his pool. Suddenly, life wasn't so boring anymore.

Chris ended up becoming fast friends with Sonic and his crew as he showed them around his world and helped them try and find the seven Chaos Emeralds so that they could go home.

After Sonic and friends managed to return home, it took Chris six years to fix the dimensional gate that lead to Sonic's world. Upon its completion, Chris uses the gate to travel to Sonic, but during the process, he reverts back to being his 12-year old self (being that while 6 years passed for Chris, only 6 months have for Sonic and the others), but with all his memories intact.

It seemed as if he arrived just in time as well, as the battle with the Metarex had just begun. During this, Chris finds himself in a new role and feels as if he can finally be useful to his friends. Because he retrained his memories, Chris is much more technology and mechanically inclined then he used to be, and is able to both design and produce new items to help Sonic and also help Tails in the upgrading and maintenance of their spaceship, the Blue Typhoon.

Following the final battle with the Metarex, Chris returns home thanks to Dr. Eggman. The last thing he sees before leaving is Sonic running alongside his ship.

Personality: Chris has done much growing over the course of the series. At first, he is a lonely boy who feels abandoned by his parents and wishes to go on adventures and not live a boring life as his father does. His wish is granted when Sonic and his friends appear, but it soon becomes clear that they won’t be staying. Chris is torn, for he wants Sonic and his friends to be happy, but at the same time, he also wants to stay with his friends. At first, he selfishly tries to keep Sonic from leaving, as he feels that Sonic is abandoning him like his parents had, but soon comes to terms with his feelings and realizes that he has to let him go.

During the Metarex saga, it is apparent that Chris has grown during his six year separation from the others. He is much more confident in his abilities and while he still believes in Sonic, he doesn't watch Sonic with that wide eyed hero-worship as he had when he was younger. Chris feels as if he is on (or close to), even footing with the others as he discovers that while he might not have the physical strength the others do, there are other things he can do.
Profile Layout

[[Chris Thorndyke is not mine, no matter how much I want to cuddle him and take him home. A fictional character from the series Sonic X, this role play journal is a part of LJ RP, as played by [info]robinterrae. Robin can be reached through AIM: Mekkyakushi/Chris Thorndyke/AbyssinianNoMiko; Yahoo: robin_terrae; G!Talk: robin.terrae (at) or by e-mail at robin_terrae (at)

Screencaps for most icons and journel header/character info taken from Team Artail's Sonic X site. All were cropped and edited by Robin in Photoshop 6. Header image lyrics are from MI-RA-I by Run&Gun and are lifed from here.]]

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